Dry eye clinical signs and symptoms are contradictory. The clinical picture could be mild while patients report severe symptoms of pain and itching. Other patients will present with severe clinical signs but no symptoms. Dry eye will cause blurred and or fluctuating vision.

Meibomain glands produce oils that are secreted into the eyes with every blink to prevent the tears from evaporating. Therfore, meibominitis, or Meibomian gland disease, is a disease that can cause the tears to evaporate quickly leading to irritated, dry, tired, red eyes.

The eyelid margin has bacteria present from the age of approximately 1-2 years of age. They secrete “biofilm” that act as an anchor, and spreads from the lid margin down into the eyelash follicles. As we age, the biofilm gets thicker and causes inflammation within all the hair follicles. At this time, the bacteria multiply and plug the glands. Chronic inflammation leads to dropout of the Meibomian glands so it’s important to start treatment in the early stages even when there may be no symptoms of itching and burning.

Blephex is a procedure performed at the Dry Eye Center of Orlando that deep cleans the eyelashes and its follicles, as is done in periodontal deep cleaning and treatment. It is a prescribed lid hygiene procedure that may need to be repeated every 4-6 months depending on the severity of the case. It should also be done if LASIK or cataract surgery is being considered. Call the Dry Eye Center of Orlando at Coan Eye Care at 407-445-5170 to see if you need Blephex today.

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