Do You Have Red Eyes?

Do you often ask, “What can I do to make my eyes more white?” The doctors at Coan Eye Care are excited to announce a new and very effective agent to manage red eyes. Chronic red eyes are a cosmetic concern for many people who will often resort to habitual overuse of over the counter red eye reliever drops.

Lumify is a new eye drop available at Coan Eye Care that can make your eyes look very white while avoiding the harmful effects of other eye drops such as Visine, Murine, Clear Eyes, Opcon and Naphcon. For years eye doctors frowned upon the chronic use of these eye drops as they can cause a rebound making your eyes more red with frequent use. These drops constrict the arteries on the front part of the eye resulting in temporary whitening. Constricting the arteries however, causes less oxygen flow to the eye and when the drug wears off, the arteries re dilate more than they originally were. Continued use of these drops makes them less effective, requiring more and more dosing.

Lumify is unique in that it does not constrict the arteries, rather, it constricts the veins allowing oxygen to flow unrestricted to the ocular tissues. Additionally, Lumify does not result in rebound redness so it won’t make your eyes look worse with continued use. Lumify is safe and very effective. Just one drop will make your eyes look very white in less than one minute and the effect can last up to eight hours.

It’s important to see the doctors at Coan Eye Care to obtain an accurate diagnosis and see if Lumify is right for you. Using any red out eye drop in the wrong way may mask an eye condition that requires other forms of treatment, so be sure to schedule an appointment at Coan Eye Care before using Lumify.

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