Eye Care Myth Busters

Here are 4 eye care myths you should stop believing in right now.

• Wearing Glasses Will Make Vision Worse
Approximately 80% or your refractive error is genetically determined. 20% is environmentally influenced such as doing excessive near vision tasks or not getting enough outdoor daylight hours. Wearing glasses will only make you see better while the glasses are worn and in no way will make vision worse.

• Sitting Too Close To the TV is Bad for Your Eyes
While sitting too close to the TV may give you a headache, it will in no way harm your eyes. Today’s flat screen TVs are very safe and do not emit UV radiation. They do however, emit a significant amount of blue light which can affect your sleeping patterns.

• Reading In Dim Light Will Make Your Eyes Worse
The eyes contain rods and cones to help us see in both bright and dim lighting. Reading in dim light may cause some eye fatigue but in no way will cause ocular damage, nor will it make your eyeglass prescription worse.

• “Can You Call in an Antibiotic For My Pink Eye”
Pink eye is a lay term used to describe any eye that is red or pink. Many diseases can cause an eye to become red. Most are either allergic, bacterial, viral or toxic. Each are treated differently. It takes a thorough examination by an eye doctor using an in office biomicroscope to accurately discern the cause. No, we won’t call in an antibiotic until we have an accurate diagnosis.

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