What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a progressive disorder where the cornea which is usually round, becomes thinner and more cone-shaped. This gives the eye an irregular surface so that when light enters into the eye, it is distorted. These patients tend to be very nearsighted and have a lot of astigmatism and therefore, are sensitive to light. Keratoconus usually occurs in both eye and the earlier it occurs in life, the more likely it is going to progress at a rapid rate. As a result, there is usually a change in their eye prescription every year. The cause of keratoconus is unknown but patients do have a history of excessive eye rubbing, chronic eye irritation, history of allergies, and eczema.

Glasses or soft contact lenses can be prescribed for mild forms of keratoconus but as the condition progresses, custom soft contact lenses, piggybacking contact lenses, gas permeable contact lenses, hybrid, scleral contact lenses are utilized to improve vision. Treatments such as corneal cross-linking (CXL), intacs, topography-guided conductive keratoplasty, or in the worst case scenario- corneal transplant can be performed.

Dr. Achong-Coan of Coan Eye Care is residency trained in contact lenses and has been working with keratoconus patients for 20 years. She continues to do research on contact lenses for keratoconus patients as a clinical assistant adjunct professor at Pacific University College of Optometry. Coan Eye Care has been helping patients with keratoconus in the Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere, Ocoee, and Clermont areas for the past 17 years.

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